December 31, 2011

To a Happy and Healthy 2012!

New Years time this year I wonder, "Where did the year go?"  Time goes by so quickly.  My Mother assures me that it continues to speed up as you age....great, something to look forward to in life.  Or better yet, something to plan for by taking the time now to slow down, enjoy life and engage in every moment. 

For me in 2012 this will mean taking time to craft more, for myself; to make all of those projects that Ive been wanting to make but just didn't have time time.  This year I'll make the time because making a project for my home gives me great joy, no other reason necessary really.  How will you make the time to do what brings you Joy?  Make it your resolution to make time for JOY in life because from joy very dream can come true. 

Before 2011 comes to a close I need to pick a winner from the 12 Artful Days of Christmas posts.  I loved reading the encouraging and always kind comments from the 12 daily posts. such good therapy! 

And the winner is........Deborah Makowski!   Thanks Deborah for your comments to each post, I loved reading them.  Deborah will receive a kit to make the 12 Tiny Tags!!  Hope she reads this post to know she's won!

Happy New Year to All! 


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  1. Hey! Wow! I won!!! I am waaay behind on reading my email and blog posts... Thank you! Thank you! You know I just adore the 12 tiny tags! How fun!

    Oh, and... pay no attendtion to the time of this comment... I have no idea why I am up at 3:00 am.