December 28, 2011

A 'dreamy" New Year

As card making goes it's that time of year to create a few Happy New Year cards.  I try not to make the front all about 'hapy new year" and all.  Maybe, just maybe, the recipient will love the card and want to keep it displayed a while (what every card maker hopes for anyway...); no need to limit that with a specific holiday phrase on the front.  Hence the "dream" stamp used on this card; more like "may your dreams come true in 2012". 

The image is a napkin with a page of book text behind it.  I love the faint way it shows through the napkin.  Decorative napkins and old book pages...who knew it could all make art?  I used the same technique on the Artful Tags kits that was for sale (they've since sold out, thanks to all who bought them)  As usual, texture and shape are added with the use of embossing plates and Spellbinders die cuts; could hardly craft without them anymore. 

When I need a couple cards in a hurry I try to design one card and make a few more assembly style; saves lots of time. 

Happy New Year!

1 comment:

  1. Wowee! Pretty! So, you used a napkin, I assume you used a 3-ply and took it apart? Also, no wax, right? What did you use to adhere the delicate napkin layer?