December 16, 2011

Day 5: 3 Sisters

Day 5 and we're going on a trip down memory lane.  This card has a picture me with my 2 older sisters from sometime in the early 70's.  The coats crack me up...and the pants!!!; I imagine they were in style back then?  I'm on the far left in the red coat.  I imagine one sister will crack up over this and the other will roll her eyes and groan.  Some things never change......

It's a great example of being inspired by a photo.  I used papers that closely matched the coats; isn't it amazing that I HAD papers that closely matched the coats??  I know....crazy.....and proof that I need lots of papers cuz you never know what you'll need for a project ;p

Construction is simple, the papers were embossed with an embossing folder to add more texture. 

What old photos do you have in an album that can become an inspiration?

Enjoy and Be Inspired!


  1. Well aren't you three cute! I bet that was the last time you were the short one in the group! ;)

  2. Oh my, this could be a picture of my family! I am going through the pics tomorrow and begin next year's christmas cards!! Thanks for the idea. Happy New Year! Thanks so much!