December 12, 2011

The 12 Artful Days of Christmas!

Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?!?  I can't!  I mean I'm almost ready, but nooottttt quite.  I thought in an effort to share some Crafty Goodness and Holiday Fun I'd share my current projects with you over the next 12 I work on them right up until Christmas ;p
This first card is one made for my Mom and Dad.  Its rich velvety papers, gold German Scrap and glitter remind me of the lovely tree my Mom has all festooned with Victorian ornaments, lace and sparkle.  The photo does not do it justice, the texture and lushness are beautiful in person.  I must ask around the blog world to see how folks take such great pictures of artwork.

On a paper crafting note, you can make any punch/die cut shape 3D by using multiples of them.  Fold each one in half and attach them together end to end to create the 3D shape.

Stay tuned over the next 12 days for daily projects.  Feel free to post a comment and follow along.  I think it will be fun to have a drawing from all posted comments on Christmas Day for a special gift. 


  1. what a neat idea! thanks for sharing. 3D is rocks. !! im a follower

  2. Hi Carolyn...Love your style. I'm sure your Mom and Dad love the card :)
    I always take pictures of my projects outside, in natural light. When I upload them to my PC, I usually tweak the contrast of the jpegs with Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Adjusting the contrast of my photos makes them look better, or sharper. There are also plenty of sites on the web that will instruct you on how to make your own "white box" or "light box". I haven't felt the need to try it...I'm satisfied with how my pictures come out. Good luck!

  3. You are the master of bold patterns and color! I know it's only paper but... I fear it is still the boss of me. Love the card. I know your Mom and Dad will love it!! BTW, is that the SU Snowflake punch?