January 21, 2012

"With Love From Friends"

Tonight's post was going to be introducing a new kit called "Love Notes".  But then I heard about a Rochester community project called "With Love From Friends"  http://withlovefromfriends.com/   and I knew instantly that participating and helping Eve Elzenga to reach her goal of creating and delivering 1500 Valentines Days cards for elderly folks without families was the way I'd give love this year. 

If you believe the old adage "You get what you give" then I hope you'll give of your time, talent, supplies or a donation to support this wonderful cause.  Check the website to ways to participate http://withlovefromfriends.com/

Our world needs more acts of love and kindness like this.  It makes my heart swell with joy to think that something I'll make will touch the heart of another; someone without a family nearby to visit.  We will all grow old and I pray that should I find myself without family someday that the kindness of others will be there to remind me that we're never alone. 

"With Love From Friends".....give some love.  http://withlovefromfriends.com/
Some details about this years goals:
  • GOAL: to create 1500 valentines
  • Who Receives the Valentines:
  • 750 will go the Meals-on-Wheels program to be distributed to every elder receiving meals in the region.
  • 450 will go to Eldersource at Life Span. These will be distributed to clients by social workers.
  • 300 will go to Monroe Community Hospital to be distributed to their Senior Clients.
  • Cost: approximately $1 to make each card
  • How many volunteers: approximately 70 “artists” will participate 
  • Dates for card making: Jan 14-31
  • Hours donated: approximately 600 hours creating cards.

Those "Love Notes" sample cards will be sent to Eve along with another bunch of cards that will be made tomorrow with the help of some friends.  Ill post pics when Ive got a big pile of cards.

I'll be back in Feb/March with a Spring Cards kit. 

January 7, 2012

Creative Therapy: Altered Note Block

I usually have a few projects going at once as well as a few ideas percolating; it's just how my head works.  But this past week was a bit stressful and come Friday night I needed to burn off some stress with a 'new' project.  I was able to go to my craft room and lose a couple of hours making it.  It felt great!  It was just what I needed.  And now I have a new block of note paper for my kitchen! 

I bought several blocks of 4x4 note paper *years* ago at a paper store always thinking I'd do something with them.  I guess some projects take longer to come to fruition than others...;p

The top flips open to reveal the paper.  3 large jump rings hold the top on and sit just above a row of brown rick-rack.   I used small scrabble wood block letters for the word "Notes". One of those things that've been in my collection for years. A double layer of seam binding ribbon in blue from Stampin' Up. They have amazing seam binding; the stuff is just luscious! A Tim Holtz Philosophy Metal Tag and Hitch Fastener act as a tab to flip open the top.  The butterflies are popped up and sit on the most lovely grey flocked paper.

As the paper is used the top will sit at more of an tilt.  I have a few more blocks of paper to replace it when it's used up.  All sides were made from thick book board for stability.  At the back I used the Stampin' Up tab punch to create the look of hinges at the bottom.  The base and back are held together with glue and paper hinges both inside and out. The  block of paper is held in place with a piece of red line tape. A few ribbon scraps adorn the 3 jump rings.

And with the completion of this project the stresses of the day and week vanished.  The creative process truly is good therapy.

 What will you make today for some creative therapy?  Stay tuned for more holiday project catch-ups.