June 26, 2009

Subscription and Inspiration

Take a peek to your left, at the top, and see how easy it is to subscribe to my blog. Just enter your information and you'll be updated any time I post. Its a great way to stay current with upcoming class information and new creations. I start each day, well it actually continues throughout my day but who's counting, reading new blog postings by so many talented and generous artists who post cards, projects, templates, etc on their blogs.

Okay, that was the subscription part now on to my inspiration.

I had the most wonderful birthday gift given to me last month, a class at one of my FAV stores Buffalo Stamps and Stuff. It was a canvas album class taught by the one and only Cari Fennell, a Prima designer and extraordinary artist from Stampin' and Scrappin' Time in Bridgeport, NY; another FAV store of mine. It was a fast paced class! Okay, it was 100 mph class filled with paint, stamps, and frenzied women trying to finish a 10 page album. Not in this lifetime! Well, maybe just not this week but it WILL be finished...someday. I wanted to make a special thank you for my dear friend Deborah who gave me the class as a gift. What to do...so many stamps...hhhmmm. Wait, I'll make a card front that looks like the canvas journal cover....how cool would that be?!? It was great fun to make a miniature of the album, finding little bits of paper and flowers that would work. That is actually quite a feat considering the amount of 'bits' I have in my craft room. But I'm pleased with it, and so was she.

Be inspired by what you love; a quilt, a picture of flowers, your favorite Pottery Barn catalog. Use the same color combo, mimic the layout and put your own spin on it. It is a sure fire way to beat that creative block we all face at times. And it makes one heck of a thank you card for a dear friend. Thanks Deb!

June 12, 2009


Just a little art to end your week. Mine has been a long one. This was made for a class. it uses fabulous Studio 490 stamps and Graphic 45 papers. I just love it.
Have a great weekend! Wish me luck as our window replacement project begins next week.

June 7, 2009

It's a fine line...

It's a fine line between hobby and mental illness. I think the line lies just between rubber stamps and muscle cars. When the line is crossed over to muscle cars its a clear break into mental illness, smile! I find no matter what the hobby the line is just as fine.

I had the pleasure of seeing the 'car show crowd' out on a "weekend pass" this past Saturday. Imagine a field filled with thousands of muscle cars, the roar of engines at every turn and the smell of burning rubber from tire burn out 'contests'. I know, it is not an easy task. It seems estrogen makes the task VERY difficult. I wonder if estrogen might be a protective factor which means we just have to put these men on 'the pill' and all of this craziness will diminish?

Like moths to a flame (a loud, gasoline, plume of smoke filled flame) they flock at the slightest REV of an engine. You know when a cartoon character smells something delicious and its whole body is lifted off the ground and carried directly to the source of the yummy smell? The same thing happens with big block engine exhaust. Quite a sight to behold!

I imagine it is akin to watching my BFF and I hit the stamp store. What's that smell, a new ink pad? What! Are those the new stamps?? Quick over here...look at this one! Yep, it's a fine line!

June 5, 2009


I wonder if blogging is like diet and exercise; start out all Gung Ho and then fizzle out? I hope not. Hey, maybe I should do a few reps with each blog post? Either you'll get sick of my blog in a hurry or I'll become a lean mean blogging machine. Oh if I were a betting person...well, I actually dont know where I'd place my money on that one.

Today's goal: to get the picture IN the blog post not below it. Let's see. Here we go...
Ok...its IN the blog but not where I wanted to place it. Well...baby steps. This is a large tag that I made for a swap using Grunge Board (the swirls (waves) and the "l" are GB) The shells are stamped and embossed and painted with perfect pearls so they shimmer. There is a tiny pearl at the base of the clam shell, its all in the details baby. And the sand is mica chips. This is one of my favorite pieces!

June 4, 2009

Im a Blogger!

Welcome to my blog. I hope to create a space to share my artwork, classes and musings. Subscribe to the blog feed to see my current art endeavors and adventures. For now I've posted 2 of my favorite pictures. To see such JOY captured in the moment always makes me smile. To see his genuine care for the smallest of animals makes me love him even more. Stay tuned for more artwork and class information. Until my next post...