June 5, 2009


I wonder if blogging is like diet and exercise; start out all Gung Ho and then fizzle out? I hope not. Hey, maybe I should do a few reps with each blog post? Either you'll get sick of my blog in a hurry or I'll become a lean mean blogging machine. Oh if I were a betting person...well, I actually dont know where I'd place my money on that one.

Today's goal: to get the picture IN the blog post not below it. Let's see. Here we go...
Ok...its IN the blog but not where I wanted to place it. Well...baby steps. This is a large tag that I made for a swap using Grunge Board (the swirls (waves) and the "l" are GB) The shells are stamped and embossed and painted with perfect pearls so they shimmer. There is a tiny pearl at the base of the clam shell, its all in the details baby. And the sand is mica chips. This is one of my favorite pieces!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Carolyn! I am so thrilled that you have your blog up and running! You know I love this tag... I look forward to more of your work being posted so that everyone on the planet will get to see how amazing and talented you are! BTW world... She is also and AMAZING teacher!