September 18, 2011

A great yard sale find!

So, you know how you find something great when you're not looking and sometimes don't even know you're in need of something new?  That happened to me today.  Will and I were out walking in our neighborhood and we passed a yard sale.  Well, we didn't actually pass it cuz I said, "STOP!, Let's look at what they have!"  We poked around a little and Will found a box of old Kodak cameras.  Next to it on the ground were some boxes and when I opened them to see what they were I found these really cool old filters.  They were used on a camera like this:

I immediately thought they would make great pictures frames!  I mean just take a look at em'! A 4x6 photo will fit perfectly onto the front.  Ill have to mount it on a backer paper but that's easy.  I couldn't get a good pic of the metal tag on the frames but it says made in Rochester, NY.  How cool is that?  A little piece of history.  As it turns out, the woman was having a yard sale as her dad had passed in July and he was a photographer.  Theses were all of his items.  I love the thought of a once beloved item taking up residence in our home now to house some pictures from our wedding. 

 Love begets love.

I have a bunch (like 400!) wedding pictures on order.  As soon as they arrive I'll be placing 2 favorites in these frames.  Ill post a pic of them hung soon.

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  1. Carolyn, what a fabulous find! Your idea to use the filters as frames is awesome! They are going to look so unique and interesting. Lucky girl!