July 18, 2010

Before and After

Before: A cardkeeper box from Hallmark

After: A treasured gift for a dear friend

This was a birthday gift for my childhood BFF Sherri. She loved it. I loved making it. The red perfectly matches her home office wall color. The "S" is a grungboard piece that was covered with paper and inked. The rest of the pretties are flowers, bling and some scrapbook embellishments. The handle at the top is a wooden knob and the "feet" are beads I had in my collection of stuff for ages. It is proof that I CANNOT throw anything craft related away because I MIGHT need it someday. And I did and love the way they look.


  1. This is really awesome! I love the colors...AND I have a "few" (well maybe ALOT...of those big letters in my stash)...thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hello Carolyn,

    This is a nice gift ! Great use of the big grungepaper letter too : I have them still all in the package...
    They do are perfect for a project like this.

    greetings from Belgium

  3. Ahahaha! I don't throw anything away either because I know I will need it some day! Case and point, I have the exact same piece of patterned paper you used on your box; I've had it for ages and haven't been able to muster up enough courage to use it for anything yet! Love your project, very pretty and thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your box, great colors. I also have several sheets of the paper that I haven't been able to use. I think I just found a use, lol. Great job!

  5. Hi Carolyn This is such a pretty little box. Great idea for those large grunge letters too!

  6. Gorgeous art - loving the big letter, cool idea to use them :O)

  7. GReat way to use those large letters! I just happen to have that same box, however mine is shades of bright yellow with lime green trim. I may just use some of those large letters on mine!

  8. very awesome!
    Beautiful! I wanted to invite you to my board to talk shop.We have a paper crafting dection there. I am a CNY mom and would love more CHY peeps on my site;)
    and please feel free to check out my giveaway on my blog:)

  9. Hi Carolyn - I didn't know you had a blog!!!! I'm so happy you commented on mine so I found you! I'm going to follow you. Love, love, love what you did with the card holder! The flowers, the letter, and that yummy Anna Griffin paper all combine to make one incredible gift! Thanks for your comments. I'll be back soon to catch up on your other posts.